Computers do nothing without the help of apps that make life easier. Increased productivity is what we all aim at. And since Microsoft is very much involved in publishing frequent updates on their OS, it’s worth the effort of finding a few apps that can increase your productivity. What do you think?

Here is a list of some essential Windows productivity apps you should make use of

1 LAUNCHYHolo_3172858b

For you to increase your productivity, you should work with a super efficient system that launches apps in a matter of seconds. With Launchy, you can launch programs really fast by only using a few keystrokes on your computer.

What’s more, this program lets you perform multiple tasks at the same time. For example, it’s possible to open documents and folders, kill processes slowing down your computer, perform calculations or even search the web and do other complicated stuff like starting SSH sessions.

It should be noted that Launchy  isn’t the only application launcher designed for Windows. However, it’s one of the best programs out there to work with on your Windows system.


It’s a fact that each one of us need to jot down and store their notes and clipping somewhere. But even though this is the case, a few individuals will still have unique needs not addressed by the typical note taking software. This category of individuals also have something dedicated for their special needs.

Therefore, as for this note-taking pack, we have two programs called Evernote and ResophNotes. Evernote tends to be more of a filing cabinet for web clipping, notes and just about anything else you will need for your office work.

On the other hand, ResophNotes help you sync plain text notes through Dropbox or SimpleNote, which lets you get back to work fast and efficiently.

Evernote may seem like an overkill especially for the first time user. It takes familiarizing yourself with its UI before it can ever become an indispensable equipment for work and play.


Typing texts should be a priority for any task you carry out during the day. Typing is already a tedious process for you. So why don’t you make it easier by only using a few keystrokes (thanks to PhraseExpress) to write your bits of code, canned email addresses, or anything else fast and conveniently?


This platform is designed to save you hours of typing. In fact, it’s the best typing option for Windows, though it has a few pitfalls here and there. But once you’ve got a hang of what’s happening here, perhaps you might consider upgrading to a service like Breevy.


These days we have lots of to-do apps. It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed. However, when it comes to choosing the best ones, it depends on your style of getting tasks done. However, if you still have to pick the best among the best, then Wunderlist would simply make it to the top of the list, why? Because it’s a free platform which syncs to the cloud, plus it exists on just about any device you might want to use it on.

In fact, this is exactly how you want to craft your to-do list, isn’t it? Just make it easy to add your to-do list and also move tasks. Once you know how the setup works, you can easily move on to doing them at the right time.

5 LIBREOFFICE, OR PERHAPS MICROSOFT OFFICElibreoffice-logo-100565083-large

When you realize that Google Docs isn’t giving you enough in your Word processing needs, the focus must turn to something else. A good choice to opt for is LibreOffice. It’s a free, cross-platform office suite with all the features you’d want in your Word processing endeavors.

Essentially, it’s a Word Processor, Presentation creator and a Spreadsheet tool as well. All these features should make it easy to work on your documents fast and efficiently.

But in case you’re still not satisfied, then it’s recommended that you work with the traditional Microsoft office tools. As for those who are interested in viewing their documents from any device, they can do so using Microsoft Office Viewers. It’s fast and convenient for those who love working with texts and images.


Boost your productivity with the top apps and platforms listed above. We’re not saying they are the best though. But certainly, it’s a fact that these tools will get you completing tasks sooner than expected, and this is a good thing when it comes to boosting your productivity.

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